October 2019

What’s in this issue? Role of Diaspora in the Struggle for National and Social Liberationby Antonio Tujan Jr. On Class Struggle in China During the Mao Eraby Fred Engst

The Enduring Relevance of Marxism in Social Movements (2018)

Even in the time of “neoliberal” globalisation, we continue to face a world economy founded on economic exploitation – despite changes such as technological leaps in the productive forces, the restructuring of world production, and the widespread liberalisation of developing countries’ economies. It is in this spirit of commemorating Marx’s living legacies in move- ments … Read more

December 2017

What’s in this issue? Crisis fuels rising militarismby Antonio Tujan Jr. A century of rivalry and warsby Pio Verzola Jr. The situation of Canadian Imperialism and prospects for the revolutionary movement in Canadaby Steve da Silva

August 2011

What’s in this issue? The Rise of China and Its Implicationsby Fred Engst China: Continuing Class Struggle Sixty-Two Years After the Revolutionby Pao-Yu Ching Higher Education Reform during the Cultural Revolution — A Milestone in the Advancement of Our Societyby Si Lan (translated by Pao-Yu Ching)