The Enduring Relevance of Marxism in Social Movements (2018)

Even in the time of “neoliberal” globalisation, we continue to face a world economy founded on economic exploitation – despite changes such as technological leaps in the productive forces, the restructuring of world production, and the widespread liberalisation of developing countries’ economies.

It is in this spirit of commemorating Marx’s living legacies in move- ments and in our analysis of world capitalism that the Institute of Political Economy (IPE), the International League of Peoples’ Strug- gle (ILPS) and the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU – May First Labour Movement) held a study conference that generated this book. We are publishing this towards better understanding the contemporary ways of monopoly capitalism and imperialism, towards setting our sights clearer in defeating imperialism and all reaction in the Philippines and eventually the world.

Table of Contents


Introduction: The continuing relevance of Marx’s teachings in social movements and their struggles
by Antonio Tujan Jr.

Study Marx to resist imperialism
by Proj. Jose Maria Sison

The role of labour migration and diaspora in monopoly capitalism
by Eni Lestari

Land struggles and the peasant movement
by Zenaida Soriano

Marxism and the woman question in the 21st century
by Marie Boti

Marxism in the digital era: Impacts of Electronic-Digital Technology on early 21st century economies
by Pio Verzola Jr.

Karl Marx and the working class
by Len Cooper

Continuing Validity and Vitality of Marxism
by Prof. Jose Maria Sison


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